About Us

The company initially started off as a conventional liner operator to SE Asia, Far East and East Africa carrying steel, project cargo, general cargo and bulk cargo.
Various successful joint venture operations were run together with partners such as Ahrenkiel Hamburg, Louis Dreyfus Paris and UltraBulk (formerly TESealift). 
Changing trade patterns led Sealift to gradually specialize in carriage of bulkcargoes and the company is now active in niche handy size bulk shipping operations mainly in the Atlantic Basin.
Personalized Approach
Sealift provides dry bulk freight solutions to its clients which consists out of mining companies, traders , brokers, exporters and project contractors. Business is undertaken on a personalized approach either on separate shipments at spot market freight levels or on fixed volume contracts (COA's).

Sealift is not engaged in ship owning, but charters it's vessels  from close well known shipowners. Chartering is concluded either on single time charter trip or longer period charters (ranging from 3 months upto several years). All Sealift vessels hold P&I coverage with GARD Norway, with placement via specialist insurance brokers Marsh Antwerp.